Shortened URLs Are Awesome!

Hey guys. Click this link. Yeah, you. Click it. It’ll blow your mind. Trust me.

Although, it may be rather disappointing when you click it. To me, I found it extremely amusing and a fact that I never noticed before.




My Favorite Meme: 60’s Spiderman

My favorite meme of all time has got to be 60’s Spiderman. According to Know Your Meme, 60’s Spiderman is “based on still shots from the original Spider-Man cartoon series, typically featuring an absurd internal monologue that correspond with the actions depicted in the images.” I really cant’t say exactly why I find it hilarious though, maybe just because of the absurdity of it. There’s something about it that cracks me up. Basically, they just take stills from the cartoons and add ridiculous captions to them. For example, a popular one is the one of Spiderman laying in the bed, with the caption “that _______ gave me cancer.” Usually on Reddit, this is attached to a particularly bad image and it will say “that post gave me cancer.” There’s a ton of others, though. As per usual, some make them funny and others make them kind of ridiculous, but for the most part, it’s pretty hilarious. Another popular picture is the one of Spiderman sitting behind a desk, and the punchline is something like “everybody is ______ and i’m just sitting here masturbating.” Unlike other memes, 60’s Spiderman doesn’t have a predictable punchline, and some people just make it so hilarious, I love it.

This one is great:

And this one:

And finally one more:

Creative Commons Media.

So I used the search engine to find an image that relates to my blog, and I found this: click here for the image.

I noticed in the url that this picture comes from deviantart, which is a big website where a lot of artists who do fanart post their work and allow for it to be shared, which is probably why I was able to see it on the search engine. It’s the Hylian Crest on a black background with other Hylian Crests, so it’s pretty obvious why it fits my blog. Since my blog title is based off of a Legend of Zelda game, and the Hylian Crest is one of the most sacred artifacts in the game along with the Triforce, it is quite important. I really like the image and I think I might try to make a new header using this image.

According to the Fair Use Checklist, I can use this image because I’m only using it to comment on it. I’m not trying to make a profit from it, or claim that it is my own. I did not take/make the picture (I’m fairly sure it’s a photograph of a design).


Wow, I haven’t written on here in about 2 weeks. I definitely have to get on that blogging schedule I was planning on.

Anyway. I also think I really need to start getting my blog out there, so that I can get more followers and then hopefully that’ll begin to motivate me to start posting a lot more. In terms of social media, I really think that’s the way that I’ll be able to advertise my blog. I suppose that I could post my WordPress to my Facebook page so all 595 of my friends on there can see it and think hey, maybe I’ll follow her! I kind of feel like that’s slightly tacky, though. I don’t particularly like to advertise myself and say hey, you should follow me on Twitter/Tumblr/friend me on Facebook!

However, I did just notice that at the end of our posts, there’s a Tweet button and also a Facebook like button. So if one of you guys likes my post, it’ll get posted to your Facebook. Or if you decide to tweet it, it’ll link back to my blog. So let’s start spreading the love, guys.

Just kidding. Maybe.


Work went okay last night. It was pretty hectic, I guess since it was the first Saturday of the country club opening so everyone wanted to come. I got to be “head busser” because we have 3 new bussers and I showed them the ropes and helped them clear stuff. It made me feel pretty awesome because they looked to me for help and advice, haha.

Anyway. Since we’re on spring break this week I’ll [hopefully] be gaming a lot and I’ll be writing posts about it, so you can look forward to those.

Peace for now.

so basically.

My country club restaurant job starts back up tomorrow and I’m nervous as hell. I’ve been there for a year but I kind of feel like I forgot how to do everything, although how hard is it to be a bus girl? My manager, although lovely, is also really strict and I’m always careful not to make mistakes around her.

Also, I’m annoyed right now. Why is this, you ask? Well. I have my nose pierced and I’m not allowed to wear it while I work. What I usually did was cover it up with foundation/concealer and it wasn’t a problem. But while the club was closed from December until now, I went from a 20g to an 18g and a bigger crystal; my older one was smaller and completely flat. Since mine’s not flat anymore I can’t just cover it up with concealer. So I ordered a clear 18g plastic one from eBay and it arrived yesterday.

Well, as I was putting it in to see how it looked, I felt a really sharp pain and instantly my piercing got extremely red and irritated. I looked at the clear nose hook and saw they cut the plastic crappily, as in it wasn’t even and there were jagged parts around it which explains the pain and why it wouldn’t go in all the way. So I had to go to Spencer’s today and buy clear nose hooks but they’re 20g so I’ll have to go back to my smaller size for 5-6 hours while I’m working. But that plastic also irritated my nose and it felt strange and my eyes were watering trying to put it in/take it out.

Ugh. I love my nose piercing but with this job it’s so annoying…

Also, I did say I was going to start posting more about gaming but nope, here I am ranting about my nose piercing.